The New York recital April 5, 2013:

I was enchanted, absolutely enchanted.
Hans's recital was so varied; so much about connecting, delighting, charming, making us laugh, filling us with awe, that I couldn't wait for more. I held my breath from one set to the next, in the thrall of his star-quality. I don't think it's too much to say that tonight was a great night for music in New York.
Margaret Juntwait, Metropolitan Opera NYC

I am writing to tell you how astonishing this recital was. It was probably the BEST recital I have ever seen in my life. Everything about his recital was superb: from Hans' thoughtful programming to his consummate musicianship and partnership with the excellent pianist Jason Wirth to his languages and communicative abilities and his personal engagement with the audience. From what I could tell afterwards, and from numerous comments on Facebook, everyone seemed to be similarly awed by this recital. Hans is a very rare talent.
Lori Laitman, Composer

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Pace Non Trovo, an online recital

with  Bas Verheijden

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On October 21, 2020

Hans Pieter and Brian took part at the 1st virtual Cabaret Convention by the

Mabel Mercer Foundation

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Hans Pieter herman

Baritone / opera  and concert singer / voice teacher

Dutch presenters: Annemarie OSTER en Ivo NIEHE hosted on April 18, 2010, at the Schouwburg in Amstelveen, the final of the  27th Concours de la Chanson Alliance Française.

The level of performance had not been this high ever during the competitions history.


Judges were: Liesbeth LIST ( Dutch chanson singer ), Tonny EYK ( musician ), Frances GRAMENDE (music editor of La French Music) and the French singer Marie MYRIAM, winner of the EUROVISIE SONG CONTEST in 1977 with “L’Oiseau et L’Enfant “

2nd Prize of the Jury went to the classically trained baritone


Accompanied at the piano by Bart Wolvekamp

Comments of the jury: Powerful charisma, steady as a rock.

הבריטון הנס פיטר הרמן בתפקיד המורה למוסיקה הוא פנומן ווקאל
Baritone Hans Pieter Herman as the Musiklehrer is a vocal phenomenon
Haggai Hitron / Ha'aretz / Ariadne auf Naxos

....Other standouts among many fine performers were ... and Hans Pieter Herman, highly engaging in the speaking role of the Major-Domo 

In July 2012 Opera News published a reunion interview

with Elly Ameling by Hans Pieter Herman

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On April 19 and 26, 2017 the new show premiered in NYC and by popular demand the show will be back in New York in October 2017

Herman delivered a brilliant mix of irreverent humor, charming self-flagellation and top-shelf singing.....blessed with an angelic yet rich baritone voice.... an evening full of surprises......had the crowd roaring with laughter.....

Ellen Woloshin / Music Connection Magazine

In September 2018 the CD ..und ein Kuss auf dein Herz...

was released  NOW available on iTunes

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Listen here to the performance